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  • Internal space on ground or basement level
  • Space free of vibrations such as from machinery
  • Proximity to internet router or switch
  • Rigid wall structural element for mounting. This should ideally be a column, beam or near a wall corner. The primary structure would ideally be reinforced concrete or steel frame where possible.

Installation Steps

Before starting, please ensure you have flashed your device, if necessary, and successfully connected it to internet by WiFi or ethernet.

  1. Locate the Node on the wall and use a spirit level to ensure it is horizontally aligned.
  2. Mark with a pencil the location of the two mounting holes on the wall.
  3. Remove the Node and use a drill to perforate the wall.
  4. Use anchor plugs as necessary and fix the Node to the wall with screws.
  5. Plug the USB-C cable and connect to a nearby wall outlet for power.

Your Node should now be rigidly mechanically mounted on the wall and ready to connect to the cloud!